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Just-Fish v4.0 is live!

Specialist Angling - Fishing Articles, Specimen Fish, Tips, Blog Posts, Fishng Information

If you’re a new visitor, welcome! If you’re a returning visitor, you may notice a few changes to the looks, layout and functionality. I’ve upgraded to a new theme for the site, so the fourth incarnation of is now live. I have retained the overall looks and colour scheme of the old site, but this new theme has brought with it some improved functionality, speed and better responsive elements. There may be the odd bug or missing element here and there, that I’m not aware of, so if you spot any issues please let me know. Thanks, and enjoy the site! Andrew.

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Angling Direct – Sutton-in-Ashfield Store

Angling Direct Sutton-in-Ashfield - Fishing accessories & terminal tackle shop - split shot, mono line, braid, etc. for sale at Phil's Bait & Tackle, Nottinghamshire fishing tackle shop & bait

June 2019 saw national fishing tackle retailer, Angling Direct, open a brand new store in Sutton-in-Ashfield. The new Angling Direct shop in Sutton can be found at: 1B Forest St, Sutton-in-Ashfield, NG17 1DA. This large tackle shop is packed to the rafters with major brand tackle, alongside AD’s own-brand ADVanta range. As part of a large national chain, Angling Direct stock a large range of tackle and offer convenient services such as “click & collect”, which many people will find to be very convenient. However, Sutton-in-Ashfield already has a long-established independent fishing tackle shop based on the old marketplace – Phil’s Bait and Tackle – which I believe offers anglers much more. If you are looking to start out fishing, or to get your child kitted-out with fishing tackle for them to give fishing a try then you should head to your local independent tackle shop – in this case Phil’s Bait & Tackle. In their shop you will find excellent service and one the largest ranges of tackle in the area, from major manufacturers of coarse, carp, specimen and match tackle. They have plenty of kit priced perfectly for beginners who are looking to buy their first rod & …

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Kids – Learn to Fish for Free around Nottingham, Derby & Chesterfield!

Children learn to fish for free - school holidays angling events listings in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

If you’re looking for cheap days out to entertain children & families, during the 2019 school holidays, in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire – why not let them learn to fish. On this page I’ve compiled a list of all the free-to-attend events I can find, where children can have a go at fishing, under the guidance and supervision of qualified angling coaches & instructors. I believe strongly that learning to fish gives youngsters a great range of skills, with many, wide-ranging benefits. If you’re taught properly how to fish, those skills stay with you for life. If you’re a parent or grandparent of a child over the age of three (some kids try fishing younger, but it does take a little patience & attention span!), looking for a safe activity for your kids to try over the school holidays, this could be just what you’re looking for. It may be something they dabble in for the odd day to keep them occupied; it may even become an obsession which makes them a lifelong angler… Or somewhere in between! Whatever the outcome, the vast majority of young people will take something positive away from an angling taster session with some tuition… And …

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Guest fishing bloggers – get in touch!

Guest fishing blog contributors wanted!

I’m currently looking for guest contributors to have their fishing-related articles & blog posts featured on my revamped website… Whether you’re a published angler or you’re interested in writing your first piece, if you’d like your writing to be showcased on my site, head to the Contact Me page, fill in your details (including a link to your blog or website, if you have one) and email it to me with “Guest blogger” as the subject.  I’ll be in touch soon to discuss your ideas and you could see your writing on this site soon! Interested in a guest blog spot? My idea for guest fishing bloggers is not in order to promote sales websites, it’s to promote genuine talent from anglers with something to say – NOT with something to sell! So, if you intend to promote your brand or boost the SEO of your revenue-generating website, please don’t bother. There are plenty of places out there for you to hawk your wares. However, if you genuinely want to help other anglers through offering advice or instruction, or you think your writing might encourage more people to take up angling, then that’s my intention here.

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Carp Fishing Tackle Department at Phil’s Bait & Tackle – Fishing Tackle Shop in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts

Carp tackle & luggage for sale at Phil's Bait & Tackle, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire fishing tackle shop & bait

Click on the image slider below to open a full gallery of the carp tackle department at local independent fishing tackle shop, Phil’s Bait & Tackle at Sutton-in-Ashfield. Phil’s has a large carp fishing & specimen fishing department with large stocks of: carp rods, carp reels, carp bait (boilies, freezer baits, pellets, particles, flavours, glugs, oils, etc.), carp luggage, terminal tackle, hooks, leads, mainline, hooklinks, bite alarms, rod pods, metalware, landing nets, bivvies, bedchairs, unhooking mats, cookware and many carp accessories. Brands stocked include: Fox, Korda, Nash, Shimano, Avid Carp, Daiwa, ESP, JRC, Korum, Chub, Spomb, Dynamite Baits, Mainline Baits, Sticky Baits, Nashbait, Bait-Tech & Solar. Their dedicated carp showroom was expanded in 2019 and features their largest ever range of quality carp tackle and carp fishing accessories, which is open to browse and try out the latest carp gear and there’s always someone on hand to provide advice. Phil’s Bait & Tackle also has a large and very well stocked coarse, specimen, match & pole fishing department. Other services offered by Phil’s include a full range of repair & spares services, including: rod & pole repair service, pole elastication, rod re-ringing, reel servicing, spare parts for some other tackle …

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Coarse & Match Tackle Department at Phil’s Bait & Tackle – Fishing Tackle Shop in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts

Coarse fishing, match fishing & pole fishing department at Phil's Bait & Tackle - Wagglers, stick floats & pole floats for sale at Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire fishing tackle shop & bait - Drennan, Middy, Sensas, etc.

Click on the image slider below to open a full gallery of the coarse fishing, match fishing, pole fishing, pleasure fishing & specimen / specialist fishing tackle department at local independent fishing tackle shop, Phil’s Bait & Tackle at Sutton-in-Ashfield. Phil’s has a large department catering for general coarse, specialist/specimen, match and pole fishing, with large stocks of: float rods, quivertip rods, avon & multi-tip barbel rods, poles & whips, free spool & baitrunner reels, bait (live maggots, casters & worms, groundbait, boilies, freezer baits, pellets, particles, flavours, glugs, oils, frozen pike deadbaits, hemp, luncheon meat, sweetcorn, etc.), luggage, terminal tackle, hooks, leads & swimfeeders, mainline, hooklinks, floats, lures, rod rests, fishing chairs, seat boxes, metalware, landing nets & keepnets, bivvies, bedchairs, unhooking mats, cookware and many accessories. Brands stocked include: Korum, Drennan, Preston Innovations, Middy, Maver, Shimano, Daiwa, Chub, Guru, MAP, Dinsmores, Matrix, Shakespeare, Fox Rage, Kamasan, Gardner, Dynamite Baits, Mainline Baits, Sticky Baits, Sensas, Sonubaits, Marukyu, Ringers, Van Den Eynde, Baitbox & Bait-Tech. Their well-stocked shop is open to browse and try out the latest fishing gear and there’s always someone on hand to provide advice on tackle, bait and local in-form venues. Phil’s Bait & Tackle also …

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New fishing website – work in progress!

Zander fish - UK angling website fishing writer articles how to Andrew Kennedy Just-Fish

My old (read: antique!) fishing website – despite a couple of updates & minor facelifts – is vastly outdated and not very visually appealing or compatible with mobile devices.  So a couple of years ago I started work on a new fishing website, as a replacement, based on the WordPress platform. A server error lost all of the work I’d done and my backup was corrupted, so I’ve had to start again from scratch! I quickly got the framework in place and I’m working on importing & updating all my old articles, blog posts & photos, along with improving the looks & layout.  Once I’m happy, everything will move to and the old site will be no more (2020 edit – the old site is no more! You’re looking at the new one!).  So please check back to see new content & improved looks as soon as I find the time! Meanwhile, I’m also looking for guest fishing bloggers, so if you have a fishy story to share (who doesn’t?!), then please get in touch via my contact page.

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2015 – My Highlights – Part 3: Float Fishing in the Dark for Grey Mullet

Andrew goes float fishing at night for mullet in a southern harbour

So, onto the final part of my 2015 highlights trilogy!  The epic finalé.  Hopefully it’ll be more Toy Story 3 than Jurassic Park III; more Die Hard with a Vengeance than Superman III!  There’s only one way to find out… Cornish manoeuvres in the dark On our first holiday with our (by now, 4 months old) baby daughter, fishing was never going to be high on the agenda, it would be a case of grabbing a chance if and when it arrived.  We stayed in this country, which allowed me to take quite a range of gear with me so that I could exploit any opportunities which came my way.  The first of these came in Poole, where we spent a week. Our hotel was walking distance from a bay of some repute amongst local angling bloggers I’d looked up before we went.  A couple of evening trips produced my first two bass (which would have each fitted in the palm of my hand and they were returned as quickly as possible) and a couple of eels which had me fooled I might have hooked a bit better bass.  Brilliant fun, a new species chalked off and all done without …

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2015 – My Highlights – Part 1: Trotting for Barbel on the Derwent

Andrew's first barbel caught on the float - trotting a stick float for barbel.

In April last year my life was changed forever by the birth of my daughter! So whilst I’ve been experiencing the highs and challenges of fatherhood, finding time to fish has become even more difficult. Time to blog about it has inevitably proved yet trickier to find! I have, however, sneaked in a short evening session most weeks since June and I’ve really enjoyed the fishing I’ve done this season. More than I have in quite some time! So I thought I would write about my 3 angling highlights from last summer; a blog post for each. They include a first, a PB and an exhilarating spot of close-quarters, clear water fishing.  If you like the sound of those, read on… First barbel on the stick float A couple of seasons ago I decided that I really wanted to catch a barbel on the float.  With almost all of my barbel fishing consisting of summer & autumn evening sessions, I only managed 4 or 5 hours of trotting for them last season, with only a few small silver fish and minnows to show for my efforts.  This year I decided to put some effort in at the beginning of the season when, arriving at …

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Read the reviews, articles & catch reports I wrote for FishingMagic

Andrew Kennedy angling articles & reviews on has been through a few redesigns which have affected how the articles, reviews & catch reports I wrote for them – mostly between 2011 & 2013 – have been displayed.  What has never changed is the quality and variety of writing on the site; it’s a great resource for angling-related news, instruction and entertaining stories. The site has gone through another revamp over recent months and I thought the images on the content I wrote for them had vanished forever, but after checking again recently the content is reappearing!  So if you have an interest in reading the reviews, articles & catch reports I wrote for the online angling magazine, FishingMagic, you still can at the following links: or

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