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A Beginner’s Guide to “Traditional” Freshwater UK Lure Fishing

Lure fishing advice guide - Zander caught on a lure

Lure fishing really is an enjoyable way to spend a few hours and if the predators are in the mood, it can be even more productive than bait fishing for them!  By frequently moving swims – and of course by fishing a moving bait – a lot of water can be covered in a relatively short space of time, meaning you’re sure to be pulling a lure past a fish before too long and if it’s hungry, it will generally have a go.  The range of freshwater species you can target with lures in is amazing; besides the usual suspects pike, perch and zander, you can also catch chub, trout, salmon (if you’re really lucky!) and if you get really adventurous, even carp, barbel and bream! Lure fishing in the UK has been a massive sport for a few years now and seems likely to continue to grow in popularity, but knowing where to begin can be bewildering.  As with any faction of angling, everyone has their own preferences toward methods, tackle and of course, lures; so with this article I’ll try to cover some basics of lure angling, so if you’ve never tried it you’ll get an idea of …

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2011 Fish Tally = 0

Fishing at Errwood Reservoir near Buxton

January 2011:  I managed a rather sorry tally of a single session.  I should be going this week, all being well, but as far as January went, I joined Shane Calton on a trip to Toft Newton Reservoir in North Lincs, in search of its large perch.  This trout water is normally fly-only, but for a few weekends each winter they open up for “all methods” days, which allows anglers the rare chance to fish for the reservoir’s head of large coarse fish, which include some massive bream and roach, as well as the perch.  We fished on the 23rd of January which, on the flatlands of Lincolnshire, was bitterly cold mainly due to a Northerly blasting us all day. After a few drifts across the reservoir jigging lures, we were cold and biteless.  Even my home made sloe gin only warmed us up briefly, so we anchored up in a more sheltered area and rotated between lure fishing and deadbaiting.  Shane did have a run on his deadbait rig, which left teethmarks in the flank of the bait, but presumably it was a small fish, as the hook failed to connect.  This was the only bite we had between us and despite …

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Zander Saves September – Perch Fishing, Zander Fishing

Locating specimen zander fish on rivers, drains & canals

Well, after my last post virtually declaring September as a “lost month” as far as my fishing results were concerned, a good fish comes along and gives me a slightly more rose-tinted view of September 2010 after all! I travelled a little farther afield than usual and endured a gruelling day fishing for perch, with very disappointing results. The weather was overcast all day, the river was fairly clear and to be honest, I considered the conditions to be perfect for perch fishing.  However, the closest I came to catching a big perch was a missed take on a spinner early on, which felt like a perch and also felt heavy. Then an hour later I was lure fishing in a shallow, gravelly run when I got an amazing follow. The bow-wave created was huge! It zig-zagged behind my lure and took one final swipe, but missed. I’m pretty sure I saw the mouth of a perch as it made that final grab and I’m also sure that a pike would have had the small lure well down its throat long before that anyway! After a few hours of throwing lures around and failing to catch even a micro-perch, I …

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Late August Capture Update, New Angling Star Article & New Website Article

Locating specimen perch fish on rivers, drains & canals

Well, after a couple of weeks off – first being away on holiday (rarely, without any tackle!), then attending the Leeds Festival for the August bank holiday weekend – I have done very little fishing of late.  However, during the week before I went on holiday, I managed a couple of sessions which saw me bank a few good fish… Firstly, I targeted barbel and although I managed to lose two fish in a snag, once I’d switched to using “hit and hold” tactics with a single rod, I managed to extract this excellent 9lb 5oz barbel.  Check out the way its tail fin is so long that it arcs over at the top, like the dorsal fin of an Orca Whale! The following evening I had a couple of hours to lure fish for perch – just before sunset – and although conditions were difficult, I did land a few good fish in the shape of a 2lb 12oz perch, a 2lb 5oz perch and – just as I thought I’d spooked the remainder of the fish in the swim – my first 3lb+ perch of the season at 3lb 1oz… Perch shown in capture order: 2lb 12oz 2lb …

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Near-3lb River Perch on the Fly!

Fly fishing for specimen perch, big perch caught on fly tackle

After a few Summers of catching a decent number of 2lb+ perch on lures I decided it was time for a slightly different kind of challenge. I would still visit my favourite Summer swims which took many blank sessions to find, but now I know where the perch are at this time of year they’ve been very reliable and with only a few repeat captures. The main difference is that instead of conventional lure fishing (which I’m fairly proficient at), I would try for them with a discipline which I’m far more clumsy and out of practice with; fly fishing. I asked my good friend and fly fishing instructor, Kevin Miles, to tie me up some flies replicating perch fry, after seeing a good perch spit one out in my landing net a few weeks ago. The resulting flies – tied onto size 2 Nash Fang hooks – were really good too! I should have really taken some photos of them before I started destroying them by hurling them into undergrowth and such like! I was using my Fox Predator XS fly rod, which I bought when it was on offer a couple of years ago and it’s been gathering dust since, …

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Travel light & double-up for double the fun!

Chub fishing - travel light and carry lure tackle & swimfeeder tackle - catch barbel, chub, pike & perch from the same pegs!

With the river season fast approaching, my thoughts have turned to the myriad options and challenges which running water offers. During the Summer months, I enjoy nothing more than finishing work and heading off for an evenings fishing. I love Summer lure fishing, but I also enjoy sitting behind a couple of barbel rods, knowing that any minute I could connect with a bronze torpedo! This joint Summer passion left me with a bit of a conundrum – do I spend these short sessions fishing for perch & pike, or barbel & chub? After a bit of thought, I realised I didn’t have to make that choice – if I refine my tackle I can carry enough with me to fish for both! My general plan is to lure fish until it is almost dark, then swap methods altogether and cast out some leger/feeder rigs for the first couple of hours’ darkness. This allows me to make the most of the key feeding times for both predators and barbel! My tackle for such sessions consists of a 2-piece spinning rod with front-drag reel loaded with 50lb braid, and a handful of proven lures. I wear a fly-fishing waistcoat which holds …

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Seeing Stars in Stripey Heaven! – Lure Fishing for Big Perch

Specimen perch fishing with lures - big perch fishing 3lb perch

Spurred on by my recent capture of 3 x perch over 2lbs, and confident there were more fish to be caught, I returned to the same area for a few evening sessions lure fishing. Being so late in the year I could only arrive on the bank with about an hour of daylight remaining, so I had to make the most of what little time I had. I armed myself with a selection of my most successful perch lures of the past few years, along with a couple of wildcards, just in case. When lure fishing, you’re bound to have your favourite lures, but there are always going to be days when your favourites don’t work. So it’s always worth carrying a few patterns which have never caught you a fish before. All lures have their day, and you never know for sure when that’s going to be! One lure I was glad I had taken along was a Storm Naturistic Perch, which is a soft-bodied swim bait. This style of lure has a soft rubber outer body, with a heavy internal weight. They sink quite quickly and all the action comes from the tail, which is shaped to move …

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3lb perch? The search is over!

Andrew's PB perch, 3lb 9oz

Until around four years ago, my only real experience of perch was catching the occasional small fish on maggots or worms as a youngster. I’d never specifically targeted the species and a fish of over 2lb was something I could only dream about. Then one day’s pike fishing on a small drain changed all of this. I was wobbling a mackerel deadbait for pike, without success, when I noticed a group of perch following the bait in. I immediately grabbed my lure rod and caught a phenomenal number of perch from the swim, including a fish of 2lb 7oz. It was one of the most spectacular creatures I’d ever set eyes on, and it set me wondering what a 3lb perch must look like. Since then, perch have become one of my favourite species to target and I’ve had my eyes set on landing a perch over 3lbs; on bait, or preferably on a lure. My previous PB perch of 2lb 7oz I’m now quite experienced at catching perch on lures, and it’s surprising just what a range of lure styles they will take. I target perch on all sorts of venues, and lure style generally depends on whether I’m …

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Hunting a 3lb Perch

The hunt for a 3lb perch - fishing

Hunting a 3lb Perch After a summer of mainly small-river barbel fishing and evening lure fishing stints, I can look back with satisfaction that I’ve had an above-average season and I’ve achieved a few new goals – not least of which my lure caught 15lb pike.  Throughout the Autumn and Winter, I shall be targeting mainly pike, along with other predators such as chub and perch.  So far the going has been good.  I’ve been fishing with my long-time fishing buddy, Matt, and between us we’ve already had 6 pike of between 14lb and 19lb this season.  Besides the pike, there have been numerous respectable perch captured. We were not only both seeking our first 3lb-plus perch, but also our first fish over 2lb this season.  This is how we got on… The first perch session of the Autumn began in late September, with Matt and I selecting swims with different features. Mine was a shallow, still bay, with a couple of deeper holes and some overhanging trees on the far bank.  Matt’s swim was a high-bank with shallows below, which gradually deepened off towards the far end of the swim. It became apparent that perch were present in both …

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