Angling Campaigns & Causes I Support

Here are some links to some of the angling-related & environment-related causes & campaings I support, and I urge you to also.


This is VITAL to the future of angling in this country. I’m passionate about as many children and young people giving fishing a try, so I set up a page with lots of useful information for those looking to start out in angling, and for parents who are simply looking for ideas to entertain their youngsters during the school holidays.

Kids learn to fish for free over the summer holidays! Fantastic free events, activities & family days out to entertain your children whilst schools are closed.

Support Your Local Independent Fishing Tackle Shop

Something else which I feel is vital in maintaining the future of angling in the UK, is the continuation of local, independent, tackle shops rather than huge tackle chains. With the rapid closure of many small tackle & bait retailers, it’s very much a case of “Use it or lose it!”. So, I urge everyone to support your local tackle shop.


Angling Trust – Become a member to help them continue to fight for the future of our sport, on our behalf, through tackling issues which threaten it

River Anglers Conservation Group – An angling group whose aim is to promote the sustainable management and conservation of rivers and riverine habitats, for the benefit of river biota and angling.

Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme – Did you know that around 400 million metres of fishing line is discarded annually in the UK, and that monofilament fishing line takes around 600 years to degrade in landfill?!?! Previously landfill was the only option to dispose of your old line, but ANLRS (a volunteer-led, not-for-profit organisation) have enabled the collection and recyling of mono, braid and fly lines, nationally in the UK. You can deposit used line in bins located at tackle shops & venues around the country (sign up your tackle shop or fishing venue here), or by posting your line into them. Their aim is to expand the collection of line and to work with industry to increase the potential uses of recycled line. I think this is a fantastic scheme, and one we should all try to support.

The End Of The Line – Award-winning and critically-acclaimed film, highlighting the devastating effects of Worldwide overfishing – with solutions for a sustainable future.

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Fish Fight – Campaign & TV Programme by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall aiming to promote awareness of by-catch and over-quota discards in the North Sea in the hope that such obscene waste can be vastly reduced through amendments to the Common Fisheries Policy.

Recycled Fish – American non-profit organisation which promotes Angling Stewardship and Catch & Release Fishing

The Fight for Wild Salmon

Atlantic Salmon Trust – The Missing Salmon Project

The Missing Salmon Project

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Patagonia’s “Artifishial” film project:

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