My Personal Bests – Freshwater & Coarse Fish

Freshwater & Coarse Fish PBs (UK)


Species PB Weight Photo Date of Capture Venue Bait / Method
Barbel 13lb 1oz Andrew's PB barbel - Derbyshire Derwent - 13lb 1oz 09-08-2012 Derbyshire Derwent Groundbait feeder & pellet cocktail
Bream (Common / Bronze) 7lb 15oz Andrew's PB bream - 7lb 15oz - Higham Farm 22-05-2013 Higham Farm Specimen Lake Legered maggot medusa
Carp (King) [Leather] 24lb 9oz Andrew's personal best leather carp 24-04-2013 Forgotten Lake Legered 12mm pineapple pop-up with PVA stick over a raked-out swim
Carp (Crucian) 1lb 14oz Andrew's PB crucian carp - 1lb 14oz - Carr Vale Pond, Bolsover 29-04-2010 Carr Vale Pond, Bolsover Groundbait feeder with lobworm & sweetcorn
Carp (Grass) 12lb 4oz Andrew's PB Grass Carp 06-06-2012 Sutton Lawn Dam Freelined bread crust
Catfish (Wels) 13lb 10oz Andrew's PB UK Catfish 29-05-2008 Willowcroft Fisheries Popped-up “Wormedusa” lobworms
Chub (Bait Caught) 5lb 13oz Andrew's PB chub 5lb 13oz 14-11-2003 Derbyshire Derwent Legered sardine
Chub (Fly Caught) 4lb Andrew's PB fly caught chub 06-2003 River Dove Fly (forgotten the pattern!)
Chub (Lure Caught) 4lb 2oz Andrew's PB lure caught chub 07-2003 Middle Trent Mepps Aglia Long
Eel 3lb 6oz 3lb 6oz eel - personal best 05-05-2018 Notts. Gravel Pit Legered bunch of worm pieces
Grayling 2lb 7oz 2lb 7oz grayling - Andrew's personal best 20-02-2019 Northern Spate River Trotted maggots
Orfe (Golden) 1lb 9oz Golden Orfe PB 2003 Private Derbyshire Lake Freelined breadflake
Perch (Bait Caught) 3lb 4oz Bait-caught perch PB 3lb 4oz 19-02-2013 Derbyshire Derwent Maggot swimfeeder & lobworm hookbait
Perch (Fly Caught) 2lb 15oz Fly-caught perch PB 2lb 15oz 21-07-2010 Derbyshire Derwent Kev Miles “perch fry” fly on Nash Fang size 4 barbless
Perch (Lure Caught) 3lb 9½oz Andrew's PB perch, 3lb 9oz 20-08-2007 Derbyshire Derwent Lure – Storm Naturistic Perch
Pike (Bait Caught) 21lb 3oz Andrew's 21lb 3oz PB pike 18-11-2005 Cambs. Drain Float-legered sardine deadbait
Pike (Lure Caught) 15lb 9oz Lure-caught pike PB 15lb 9oz 03-08-2005 River Dove Lure – Mepps Aglia Long
Roach 1lb 8oz Roach PB 1lb 8oz 15-01-2009 Barlow Fishery – Cabin Pond Feeder-fished maggots
Rudd (Bait Caught) 1lb 8oz Rudd PB 1lb 8oz 24-07-2016 Little Ouse, Cambs Lure – Mepps Aglia Long
Rudd (Fly Caught) 1lb Fly-caught PB rudd 1lb 2000 Carsington Reservoir Tadpole fly
Salmon (Atlantic) 15lb approx Salmon PB 15lb 11-2003 River Tweed Fly – (Red & Black Tube Fly)
Tench 5lb 10oz Andrew's PB tench from a Nottinghamshire gravel pit - fish 10-05-2018 Notts. Gravel Pit Feeder-fished bunch of worms
Trout (Brown) (Bait Caught) 6lb 2oz Bait-caught PB Brown Trout 6lb 2oz 20-11-2014 Chew Valley Lake Float-Legered Deadbait
Trout (Brown) (Lure Caught) 4lb No Photo 08-07-2005 River Dove Lure – Rebel Ultralight Jointed Minnow
Trout (Rainbow) 4lb 7oz Fly-caught rainbow trout PB 4lb 7oz 08-04-2011 Errwood Reservoir, near Buxton Fly
Zander (Bait Caught) 10lb 13oz My personal best zander of 10lb 13oz 19-07-2006 River Great Ouse Legered Bleak
Zander (Lure Caught) 4lb 8oz Lure-caught zander PB 4lb 8oz 18-02-2010 Tidal Trent Storm Softbait
Other Species Caught: Bleak, Bullhead, Carp (Ghost), Dace, Goldfish (Brown), Goldfish (Orange), Tench (Golden), Ruffe, Stickleback (3-Spined)

Freshwater Fish PBs (Overseas)

Species PB Weight Photo Date of Capture Venue Bait / Method
Bass (Australian) 1lb 12oz Australian bass 12-2001 Goolmangar Creek, NSW, AUS Lure – Big S Plug
Bass (Largemouth) 4lb 7oz 1996 Bay Lake, FL, USA Freelined Shiner
Bass (Smallmouth) 2lb American fishing adventure - a good lure-caught smallmouth bass from the Potomac 05-2009 Potomac River, VA, USA Lure – Mepps Aglia Long
Barramundi 8lb 01-2002 Sunshine Coast, NSW, AUS Stalked on Floating Pellet
Carp (Common) 10lb 09-2001 Peel River, NSW, AUS Stalked with Sweetcorn
Catfish (Channel) 8lb 06-2009 Potomac River, VA, USA Touch-Legered Worm
Catfish (Wels) 66lb Andrew's PB wels catfish from the Rio Ebro in Spain - fish 15-09-2011 River Ebro, Riba Roja, Spain Legered Roach
Mahseer (Himalayan Golden) 40lb (42.5 inches) Andrew's PB Himalayan golden mahseer caught from India - fish 05-2005 Ramganga River, Uttar Pradesh, India Legered Ragi Flour Paste
Mahseer (Malaysian) 2lb 8oz 04-2002 Sungai Tombeling, Taman Negara, Malaysia Touch-Legered Cricket
Perch (Golden) [“Yellowbelly”] 3lb 2oz 10-2001 Chaffey Dam Outflow, NSW, AUS Legered Worms
Sturgeon (White) 130lb sturgeon fishing Canada Fraser River British Columbia BC - Andrew's PB white sturgeon fish 09-2006 Fraser River, Chilliwack, Canada Legered Smelt
Other Species Caught: Crappie [USA], Perch (Silver) [AUS], Pickerel (Chain) [USA], Pumpkinseed [USA], Squawfish [CAN], Sunfish [USA]


You can view my saltwater & sea fishing personal bests here.


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