Bob Nudd Monthly Magazine – Review

“Bob Nudd Monthly” Magazine Review

Whilst at the “Go Fishing” Show in early April, I was lucky enough to be given some copies of a relatively new magazine called “Bob Nudd Monthly”. As the name suggests, this is a unique monthly magazine, written almost exclusively by four-times world champion, Bob Nudd; available only by subscription.

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking the magazine is aimed solely at pole and match anglers. Whilst this is the case for a large proportion of the magazine, there are also plenty of features which would appeal to all anglers.

For instance, there is much which can be taken by specimen anglers, from Bob’s tremendous expertise, which he shares in several regular features, from instruction on specific waters in “Venues Masterclass” to “Bob’s Blindfold” – where Bob is taken to a venue he’s never tackled before – and explains his peg selection and which tactics he will use; but most importantly – his reasoning behind these decisions. I’m sure almost every angler has turned up at a new venue and not put in adequate footwork before selecting a peg – only to see someone turn up at the other end of the lake and catch twice as many! The kind of advice Bob gives, backed by his vast knowledge, should help prevent this happening.

Many reputable specimen anglers have emerged from the match scene – bringing their knowledge of feeding patterns and ultra-accurate rig presentation with them, and targeting larger fish. An example of someone who’s succeeded with just this, is Jan Porter. Once only spotted dressed all in red, trotting a stick float – now he’s a Shimano specimen consultant, dressed head to toe in “Real-Tree” camouflage! So, maybe the thinking specialist angler could do worse than take a few tips from the master matchman himself – Mr. Nudd.

In each issue Bob explains in detail, one aspect of match-style fishing – be it a certain method, or how to use specific baits to best effect. In issues I have seen, Bolognese-style rods are explained, as is the difference between types of leams – and their individual uses.
There is a full, in-depth account of all of Bob’s match action in every issue, which makes up a large percentage of each issue’s bulk. This is obviously dependant on how many matches Bob fishes each month. Once again, pleasure anglers and specialists can find important location, technique and bait information on specific venues, which can be invaluable starting points for future sessions.

In “Coming Through The Ranks”, the spotlight is thrown on an up-and-coming match angler to look out for in the future, with a brief profile of the angler, how they rate in the current scene and an in-depth look at their angling career so far.

The magazine itself is printed on thick glossy paper, giving a real quality look and feel. I’ve no doubt that this quality will make the issues resistant to constant reference use in the future and also add to their collectability value. I’m assured that all of the text in Bob’s articles is taken straight from dictaphone recordings of his own words – so what you’re reading has come straight from Bob’s mouth! A little humour is injected into the writing, and Bob’s clear down-to-earth mentality, and his kind approachability certainly shine through in the easily-readable style which he writes with.

I doubt that newcomers to angling would find Bob’s writing hard to ingest, there are plenty of tips which a novice would find useful. However, the true sign of a good angling magazine (in my opinion), is appealing to novice and experienced anglers alike, without alienating or patronising anyone; which I believe Bob Nudd Monthly achieves with ease. The text is accompanied by a good number of quality, clear, full-colour photographs throughout the magazine.

My favourite feature of the magazine has to be where Bob jets off to a different part of the globe in each issue, in search of specimen fish. These trips include cod fishing in Norwegian Fjords, fishing for 100lb+ Sturgeon on Canada’s Fraser River and fishing for 30lb carp on the mighty St. Lawrence River with boilies and bite alarms! Certainly not what you’d expect from Mr Nudd, although the famous white cap and burgundy clothes remain the attire of choice, wherever he goes!

He certainly enjoys trying the different aspects of angling though. Bob obviously prides himself in beating his own personal bests, be it his first freshwater fish over 100lbs (sturgeon), or finally breaking the magic “30”, to beat his old carp best of 29lb 7oz. There are quotes such as “…alarms – I love that whizzzzzzzzzzzzz noise, Believe it or not, as a match angler I find that relaxing!”, which hints to the reader that anything goes for Bob – as long as it means catching fish!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Bob Nudd Monthly is only available via subscription, which also brings other benefits, like member only fish-in days with Bob himself, at some of the superbly managed Browning fisheries, such as Cudmore. As another incentive to join, Browning (Bob’s main sponsor since the 80’s) are also offering one of their “Syntec” coarse reels to every new member.

Further information, sample articles and subscription details can found on Bob Nudd’s website –

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