Korum Specimen 42 inch Latex Mesh Triangular Landing Net Review

Korum Specimen 42 inch Latex Mesh Triangular Landing Net Review

2017 UPDATE!!!

Unfortunately Korum discontinued their Latex Mesh triangular nets some years ago (despite still selling their excellent Latex Mesh spoon nets), but as it is still the best pike fishing landing net I’ve ever used, I kept the review online in the hope that it spreads the word about the many benefits of Latex mesh for pike in particular.

I regularly receive emails from frustrated anglers who are looking for a similar pike net with latex mesh. In fact, with the amount of contact I receive on the subject, I think Korum are missing out on some serious business.  The problem is, they never marketed it as a pike net, so not many pikers were aware it existed!  As much as I like using Korum tackle – I think they sell some well made, innovative gear – I have been secretly hoping that a competitor will fill the gap Korum left when they stopped making their triangular nets with Latex Mesh.  Angling friends, I’m pleased to say that day has arrived!…

By pure chance, whilst browsing Eddie Turner’s site, I stumbled across a 42″ triangular latex landing net they’re selling!  I have yet to see one in the flesh, but it has large, latex mesh and is available with or without a spreader block. Knowing some of Eddie’s other tackle from past experience, I am certian that this net will be high quality.  My advice – especially if you’re a serious piker who fishes regularly – would be to buy 2 now!  You never know when they might become unavailable once more.
To take a closer look at the new net, or to buy one yourself, visit Eddie Turner’s Site.

Alternatively, if you’re one of the many anglers who would like Korum to reintroduce their triangular Latex Mesh landing net then please let them know via their Facebook page or using their website contact form.


 Original review of the Korum 42 inch triangular Latex Mesh landing net:

I have been on the lookout for a new landing net for pike fishing, for a couple of years now, without ever finding one to meet my specifications.  My only criteria was for a triangular net which wouldn’t break the bank, with at least 42 inch arm-length, and quite a large mesh size.  Not too much to ask, surely?Pike Fishing with a Latex Triagular Landing Net

Well, all of the major manufacturers whose nets I have looked at lately seem to be opting for “fish-friendly” micromesh.  Micromesh is certainly better for carp and other large-scaled species, because the fine mesh reduces the chance of scale damage, whilst not removing much protective slime.  When it comes to piking, however, a tiny mesh size is definitely not fish friendly!  If the fish you are landing has a treble hook outside it’s mouth, and it then twists itself inside the landing net, you can be left with a tangled, toothy mess which is potentially lethal for both the pike, and your micromesh landing net!  I prefer not to have to cut my net to shreds in order to return a pike quickly to the water.  This should not be necessary if you have the correct tackle.  Larger mesh is simply safer and far more practical for pike fishing.

Korum Latex Triangular Pike Fishing Landing NetSo, imagine how surprised I was – whilst perusing local tackle shop Climax Tackle in Dronfield – when I stumbled upon a new landing net by specialist tackle firm Korum, and it was exactly the pike net I’ve been searching for!

It’s called the “Korum Specimen 42 inch Net”.  Not only does it have large mesh (with micromesh only covering it’s hollow-carbon arms), but it also has latex-covered mesh!  Latex mesh is proven to be fish friendly by removing very little slime, but it has the further benefits of extra resistance to hook penetration, and it dries quickly with less fishy odour too!

It comes with a stout alloy spreader block, a 6-foot carbon handle and storage bag.  The whole package costs around £40, and I really cannot fault it.  No conservation-minded pike angler should be without one!

For further information on Korum Latex Mesh Landing Nets, you can visit their website at http://www.korum.co.uk/products/nets-and-handles

Korum Latex Triangular Landing Net ike Fishing Latex Mesh Triangular Landing NetKorum Latex Mesh Triangular Landing Net Pike Fishing



2011 Addendum:

Since reviewing this excellent net, I have been contacted by a number of people who would like to purchase one, but have been struggling to find any. According to the Korum website, the product code was “KNET15”, but it seems that this model has been inexplicably dropped from their range, despite it being a superb design! I still have my net and use it for all of my pike fishing. It’s lasted perfectly since I purchased it from Climax Tackle in early 2008, which backs up my above review because it was obviously a net built to last!

If you would like to purchase one of these nets, I urge you to contact Korum directly telling them so, so that they can see the market demand there is for such a net and hopefully re-instate this model to their product portfolio.

Also, if you do manage to find a large triangular, latex mesh specimen landing net similar to this, produced by a different brand, please Email Me so that I can put a link on here for fellow anglers, or maybe get hold of one to review instead of the Korum one.

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