How to Tie a Wire Trace for Pike & Zander Fishing (Video)

How to tie a wire trace (instructional video)

In this YouTube video I show you all you need to know to tie strong, reliable, safe 2-hook wire traces (also refered to as “snap tackle”) for pike & zander fishing with deadbaits.

I go through the tools and components you need and then show you how to tie a wire trace from scratch.

I have used this type of quality home-made wire trace for the majority of my pike & zander fishing, for over 15 years and caught countless predatory fish using them.

I also wrote a step-by-step “how-to” article on making a wire trace here.

How to unhook pike safely

If you are relatively new to pike fishing, you should also view my video to show you how to unhook pike. These fragile predators need good fish care and handling skills to ensure they are not damaged in the process. Approaching the unhooking process with confidence is a key part of this, and hopefully my short video will help with this.

More DIY fishing tackle making tips & hacks

I’m quite a hands-on guy and I’m regularly tinkering with things to improve them, adapt them or make them to suit my needs. If you liked the video above you may be interested in my other fishing tackle tips, tricks, adaptations, improvements & hacks. View them all here.

Further information on pike safety & conservation

If you’re serious about pike fishing, would like more information on fishing & caring for the species, or even if you’d like to find a more experienced pike angler to fish with, it’s worth contacting & joining the PAC (Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain):

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