New PB Grayling!

New PB Grayling!

I got out fishing for the first time this year, yesterday, and obliterated my grayling PB twice in half an hour!

I’d never been lucky enough to land a 2lb+ grayling before, but had fish of 2lb 2oz (photo with sunglasses) followed by a beautiful beast of 2lb 7oz!

I was trotting maggots on a northern spate river when I managed to find a small group of large fish.

My first 2lb+ grayling

My first grayling over 2lb – a PB for all of 30 minutes!


Andrew's personal best grayling of 2lb 7oz

Half an hour after landing my first 2lb+ grayling, I set myself a new PB with this beauty of 2lb 7oz!

View my other personal best captures on my PB List page.

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