One Day, Ten Pike!

One Day, Ten Pike!

Just recently I managed a days pike fishing on the River Trent and found the fish in a feeding frenzy!

I started the day off lure fishing, using a home-made lure which had so far been my most successful home-made pattern. This time out, it wasn’t to disappoint. On my third cast, I felt the familiar ‘bump’, signalling a take from a pike. Before long, I had played my first fish of the day to the bank. Seeing that the hooks were held in a safe position, I decided to hand-land the fish, which I quickly returned. I estimated the weight at around four pounds.

Home-made hybrid lure with silver paint finish and a long jelly tail
The new homemade lure I was using soon rewarded me for my hard work!

On the very next cast, I had turned the reel handle only a couple of times when the resistance went solid. Upon striking, the rod took on a healthy bend and the fish stayed deep, signalling that I’d hooked a good fish.
Because I use barbless trebles on my lures, I always keep a tight drag, which means that not many of the fish I hook on lures actually take any line during the fight. This fish, however, managed to power away with quite a few metres of braid. To be on the safe side, I decided to net this fish, which I quickly carried to my unhooking mat.

This fish was very hungry, because my home-made lure had been completely engulfed in one!

Double figure pike with my homemade lure in its mouth
You can barely see my lure, which is trapped safely in the pike’s imposing jaws

The pike was quickly unhooked and weighed. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the fish weighed 15lb 7oz, making it my second biggest fish on a lure and my first double-figure fish caught on a lure of my own creation.

This 15lb pike is my new lure-caught PB and was taken on a lure I made myself
15lb 7oz of lure-caught Pike

I had several more follows on this lure and I eventually decided that a change may be the key to landing more fish. I put on a bigger lure, and in the space of an hour I landed two more fish between 3 and 5 pounds, and also lost a pike of around 8lb.

Eventually, I had ‘fished-out’ several swims with lures and I decided on a more static approach. I baited three areas with chopped fish and cast out one legered deadbait rig and a float-legered deadbait. Within minutes I had a screaming run on the float-leger rig, which yielded me a fish of around 7 pounds. As I was unhooking it, a run started on the other rod! To avoid deep-hooking the running fish, I placed the first fish in the margins, in the landing net, while I hand-landed the second fish, which was at least eleven pounds. Fish number two was unhooked and released first, before I removed the net from the water and finished unhooking the first fish. After such hectic action, I was out of breath and in quite a state of disbelief! I decided to fish with one rod for the time being.

I moved swim and cast the float-leger rig towards the 3rd baited area, before taking a seat behind the rod. To my shock, the float started moving almost instantly! I waited a few seconds, wound down and connected with yet another pike, which I landed and estimated at around 6 pounds. This session was now starting to compete with one I had last season, where I landed 11 pike on lures, from a single swim. The difference then was that the largest fish only weighed 10 pounds! I decided to fish hard and make the most of this potential red-letter day.

Double figure river pike - caught on a fishing trip where I landed 10 pike in a day
At 11lb 3oz, this was my best bait-caught fish of the day

I caught another three pike on deadbaits, with the largest weighing 11lb 3oz. This took the days tally to a tremendous 10 fish, including 3 doubles. The fact that the largest fish fell to my own lure made the results all the more satisfying. I have several more lures nearing completion at the moment and I can’t wait to get out there and give them a swim!

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