How to unhook a pike safely (video tutorial)

This is a short instructional video showing how to unhook a pike. It covers essential pike handling techniques to enable safe unhooking. 

The terminal  tackle used in the video is a wire trace with a single, treble hook.  The unhooking tool is a standard pair of long-nosed forceps.

The essential pike care equipment I used in the above video, and every time I go pike fishing are:

  • A good wire trace, of at least 18 inches (45cm) length and 25lb (11kg) breaking strain
  • A well-padded unhooking mat, long enough to lay a large pike on
  • A strong pair of stainless-steel, long-nosed unhooking forceps
  • Semi-barbed treble hooks to allow easier, quicker unhooking

To see how I tie a wire trace for pike fishing, read my article or view my YouTube video

If you have never fished for pike before, then please take an experienced pike angler along with you, to learn how to unhook pike and handle them safely. It is paramount that pike are returned to the water quickly, and with the minimum amount of damage possible. They may look ferocious but pike are very delicate creatures.

Click here to learn more about caring for pike.

This page refers to unhooking the fish that we in Britain know simply as pike (Esox lucius), which are also known as “northern pike”, in other parts of the world.

How to safely unhook a pike with forceps caught when fishing with treble hooks and a wire trace.
Learn how to unhook a pike safely, before you fish for them!
Releasing a pike
Unhook your pike safely and return them as quickly as possible, to grow on!

How to make a 2 x treble hook wire trace for use in pike & zander fishing:

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