Prologic Quick-Change Bankstick Adapter DIY Hack Video: Make Old & New Versions Fit Each Other!

An instructional video describing the method required to convert Pro-Logic quick-change bankstick adapters (used with fishing rod rest heads, bite alarms, rod pods, etc.) to make them universal-fit. This makes the old and new versions of these very useful adapters fit each other.

Frustratingly, Prologic have changed the design of their quick release adapters very slightly over the years. To my knowledge there have been 3 versions: mk1, mk2 & mk3.

The male part of the mk2 adapters will fit into all 3 female designs but the mk1 & mk3 male parts will not fit into the mk2 female parts, which were spring-loaded to pop out the male part on release.

Mk1 & Mk3 Prologic
The mk3 (left) and mk2 (right) versions of the Prologic quick change bankstick adapters.
Note the difference in shape on the male parts in the centre of the pic.

I have these adapters fitted to all my bank sticks, bite alarms, rod rest heads, etc. and I have all 3 designs. I find them really useful and surprisingly reliable. My only bugbear with them over the years has been the backward compatibility of new versions. It would be expensive to replace all of my adpaters when a new design comes out so instead I disassembled a few and figured out a DIY hack to get all of the adapters to work with each other; making them truly universal.

It’s actually quite a quick & simple fix and you only need a few tools, including a drill, 9 or 9.5mm drill bit and a vice or clamp (and a bit of patience). Watch the video above for the full tutorial.

Prologic quick release adapters exploded parts disassembled. Aluminium, spring, ball bearings & clip ring.
There isn’t much to them! An aluminium quick release adapter made by Prologic, stripped down into its main parts (it’s the inaccessible parts on the inside that we need to alter to make the mk1, mk2 & mk3 versions fit one another).
Drilling out a Prologic quick change adapter to make it universal fit
Making these adapters universal fit does involve a little drilling, but it’s quite straight forward.

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