Savage Gear Deluxe Rig Roll – Review

Pro Logic “Savage Gear” Deluxe Rig Roll – Review

What I’ve seen so far from Prologic’s new range of predator products, has impressed me. None more than the excellent Deluxe Rig Roll.  It is the biggest advance in pike trace storage that I’ve ever seen. So much so that I doubt I’ll ever buy a traditional “pipe lagging & a comb in a tub”-type rig bin ever again!

Pro Logic Savage Gear Rig Roll Review The design is a fabric-covered, rigid plastic pipe, with a zipped lid at one end.  At the other end, there is a small, reinforced hole to allow for moisture to escape.  Inside the tube is a smaller, foam covered rigid tube, onto which your traces are wrapped.  Cleverly, this inner tube has removable foam end-caps, allowing for storage of spare rig materials inside.

To attach traces to the rig tube, the standard “inverted hair comb” has been done away with, in favour of slots which are cut into the foam.  These grip the wire trace just below the swivel. They’re a little fiddly to start with, but get easier with practice.  You may wish to improve the design further by using push-pins to secure the swivels instead.  The rest of the trace is wrapped around the tube, as you would with a traditional rig bin.

In total, you can store up to 18 standard 2 x treble-hook traces comfortably inside the bin.  I tested with trebles ranging from size 8 to size 2, and it accepted them all with ease.

Savage Gear Rig Roll Pike Trace Bin A very worthwhile, practical product with several unique features which make it stand out from all of its rivals.  I have always been frustrated at the amateur, basic, over-priced rig bins which are rubbish, but until now, were the only ones available.  Now I have seen these Prologic ones, it makes me wonder why no-one has taken the initiative to improve their design before. I can see this concept being imitated by other manufacturers in the near future.  Very impressed.

For further information on the Savage Gear range from Pro Logic, you can visit their website at

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