Smart Float – Light-Up Float Review

Overall Score2.5

The “Smart Float” – Review

When I first received the ‘Smart Float’ to review, I must admit I was cynical, but curious. It’s a strange-looking piece of kit, but I love new tackle innovations, so I gave the float a test-run at my pond.

The concept is basically a battery-powered LED float designed for night fishing. It has a built-in spring loaded mechanism which changes the colour the LED from green to red when you get a bite! The float is quite large and will cast a very long way but the LED is visible from a great distance, so the float can be used at whatever range you can cast it.

Unfortunately, the red LED stays illuminated while ever there is a battery fitted. There is no ‘on/off’ switch which is a bit of a nuisance, because to turn the float off you must open it with the supplied spanner and completely remove the battery (which is included). LEDs themselves have an immense lifespan, so a bonus is that you will never have to ‘change the bulb’ in your float – only the battery.

The instructions suggest positioning the float using rubber float stops, but I found these slipped on the cast, due to the weight of the float, so I locked it instead with 2 bb shot, adding another closer to the hook. I waited until dusk and cast out double sweetcorn, hoping for a carp, chub or orfe. The float makes quite a splash upon impact, so it could certainly spook fish in shallow water.

It was when I got a bite that I instantly warmed to the float. When watching an isotope or similar, which stays the same colour constantly, your eyes can play tricks and you strike the odd non-bite! With this float however, you actually see the LED colour change to red, so you know instantly that a bite is a bite!

In an hour’s fishing, I managed a few missed bites, a good sized brown goldfish and a gorgeous Ghost Carp. Quite apt that I should catch this ‘ghost’ in the dark!

Proof that the float works! I’d love to try night fishing for pike or zander with this float, because it would give you early indication of a take – reducing the chances of a deep-hooked fish.
A ghost carp caught using the Smart Float

My conclusion about the Smart Float? It looks strange and it has a few faults, but it really is surprisingly good fun to fish with!

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