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How to keep and store worms - Lobworms and Dendrobaenas for fishing bait, by Andrew Kennedy
Keeping Worms without a Wormery
How to keep your fishing worms in top condition
Locating Predatory Fish - Pike, Perch and Zander, by Andrew Kennedy
Locating Predators
on Rivers, Drains and Canals
Find more Pike, Perch & Zander
Article about Andrew Kennedy catching his first River Dove 10lb Barbel
Dove Double Delight!
Summer Barbel Fishing Article
Article about a Flexible Approach to Fishing, by Andrew Kennedy
Feeling Flexible?
A Flexible Approach to Coarse Fishing
Pike Fishing Article describing ways to add attraction to your Deadbaits, by Andrew Kennedy
Pedigree Chum
Luring Large Pike with Burley
Article about Summer Barbel Fishing, by Andrew Kennedy
Getting Out of the Rut
Summer Barbel Fishing
Specimen Roach Fishing Article where Andrew Kennedy targets a fish over 1lb 8oz
The Sweet Smell of Success
Roach Fishing
Andrew Kennedy trots a river in Winter for Grayling
Trotting for Grayling
On the Derbyshire Derwent
Andrew Kennedy catches Barbel and Chub using home-made fishing baits
Home-Made Success!
Catch Barbel & Chub on home-made baits
Andrew Kennedy employs a new rig in an attempt to catch his first Wels Catfish, using worms for bait
Cats In The Bag!
My first Wels Catfish
Article about National Fishing Week/Month, by Andrew Kennedy
National Fishing Week
Take A Friend Fishing!
Andrew Kennedy describes how you could target multiple species in the same fishing session
Travel Light & Double-Up for Double the Fun!
Fishing for 2 Species in 1 Short Session
Andrew Kennedy reminisces about the sad demise of Chatsworth Angling Fair
Chatsworth Angling Fair - R.I.P
Article about Reservoir Pike Fishing.  Andrew Kennedy visits Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire
Why You MUST Try Reservoir Piking!
Pike Fishing from a Boat on Ladybower
Lure Fishing Article for Perch by Andrew Kennedy
Seeing Stars in Stripey Heaven!
More Perch Fishing
Andrew Kennedy has a Perch Fishing session to remember
Good Perch Come In Threes
Lure Fishing for Perch
Andrew Kennedy explains that if you are not catching, keep changing your approach until you succeed
Ring The Changes, Reap The Rewards
Barbel Article
Article about the un-tapped Fishing potential of Canals, by Andrew Kennedy
Canals - The Unexploited Specimen Venues
Catch Carp, Perch, Pike & Eels from Canals
Andrew Kennedy visits Scotland to fish for Tope with Brian Burn
Tope from a Boat
Tope Fishing in Scotland with Brian Burn
Double-firgure Zander are the target fish for Andrew in this article
My Love Affair with Zander
Fishing for my First Double-Figure Zed
Andrew Kennedy visits Western Canada to fish the Fraser River for Sturgeon
Sturgeon Fishing - Canadian Style!
On the Fraser River, BC
Andrew Kennedy lands himself a personal best with his first 3lb Perch
3lb Perch?  The Search is Over!
A Spinner Hooks Me a PB
Bream, Chub, Carp and Barbel feature in Andrews recent captures from the River Trent
A Mixed Bag of Trent Specimens
Barbel, Carp, Chub and Bream
Andrew Kennedy goes Surface Fishing for Carp and lands a personal best Grass Carp
When They're "Up For It", Fish on Top!
Carp and Grass Carp Fishing
Article describing in detail how to fish the successful Lift Method, by Andrew Kennedy
Need a Lift?  Try the Lift Method!
For Tench, Carp and Crucians
On a tough day, Andrew Kennedy is saved from a blank by an unexpected fish
Surprise Fish Saves the Day
Tench Fishing Trip with a Twist
Andrew Kennedy finally blows away the Christmas Cobwebs with some Pike Fishing
Beating the Post-Christmas Blues
Making the Most of the Poor Weather

One Day, Ten Pike!
Pike Fishing Article
Andrew Kennedy fishes for Grayling on a day ticket stretch of river
Grayling on a Day Ticket
Trotting Maggots for Grayling
Article by Andrew Kennedy, predator fishing fanatic, describing the capture of his first 20lb Pike
Two Twenties in Two Weeks!
My First 20lb+ Pike
Andrew Kennedy starts his Winter Pike Fishing campaign
It's Pike Time!
October Comes and...
3lb Perch are what Andrew Kennedy seeks in this article
The Hunt for a 3lb Perch
Part 2 of Andrew Kennedy's guide to fishing photography
Photographing Your Catch
Part 2
Part 1 of Andrew Kennedy's guide to fishing photography
Photographing Your Catch
Part 1
Andrew Kennedy fishes for Pike using lures
Pike on Lures
Pike and Perch Fishing
Lure Fishing information  by Specimen Hunter Andrew Kennedy
The Lure of the PB
Barbel, Trout, Zander and Perch Fishing
Andrew Kennedy travels to the Himalayan foothills in India, to fish the Ramganga River for Mahseer
Magic Mahseer
Himalayan Mahseer Fishing on the Ramganga
Part 3 of Andrew Kennedy's guide to Travel Fishing Tackle
Travel Fishing Tackle Guide
Part 3
Part 2 of Andrew Kennedy's guide to Travel Fishing Tackle
Travel Fishing Tackle Guide
Part 2
Part 1 of Andrew Kennedy's guide to Travel Fishing Tackle
Travel Fishing Tackle Guide
Part 1
Andrew Kennedy travels to the Norfolk Broads to fish for Pike
Norfolk Pike Trip
Piking on the Broads
Andrew's introduction article from
A Warm Welcome to Andrew
My Very First Article

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