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Just-Fish v4.0 is live!

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If you’re a new visitor, welcome! If you’re a returning visitor, you may notice a few changes to the looks, layout and functionality. I’ve upgraded to a new theme for the site, so the fourth incarnation of is now live. I have retained the overall looks and colour scheme of the old site, but this new theme has brought with it some improved functionality, speed and better responsive elements. There may be the odd bug or missing element here and there, that I’m not aware of, so if you spot any issues please let me know. Thanks, and enjoy the site! Andrew.

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New PB Zander!

Double figure zander 13lb

The 2021/22 season hasn’t been my best! I haven’t fished as much as I’d like or for the range of species I would have liked, and my results have generally been poor. Far more blanks than usual and a lost Derwent barbel, which still haunts me, that felt huge and snapped me off due to my own stupidity. The one redeeming feature of the season so far has been my relative success with a very unlikely species – one which has probably given me more blank hours than any other – the zander. For whatever reason I’ve been on a bit of a roll with them. As I’ve stated in the past, I love zander but it’s often a one-way relationship – they don’t reciprocate. When I target zander it’s in the hope of a bite. I don’t expect to catch one so it always gives me a boost when I do, even small ones. There are some exceptions, of course – for example: Predator Hat-trick and Zander Saves September – but my blank rate is usually quite high. I think I had only ever caught zander on consecutive sessions once, but I’ve now had a zander in four consecutive …

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Tibshelf Ponds – Tibshelf & Newton Angling Club

Early 1990s crucian carp from Tibshelf Ponds

I grew up in Tibshelf and I learned to fish at Tibshelf Ponds, so I still have a vast amount of affection for the place. I spent many a day there with friends, trying between us to catch something. Then, as I got older I learned how to fish the whip and pole here, then how to target carp (mainly fishing on the surface, which I don’t think is allowed any more). I would spend many a spring evening up at the ponds, feeding and watching fish, anticipating and plotting my attack for the beginning of the season (in those days Tibshelf Ponds were closed from March 14th until June 16th). When the Glorious 16th came around I would have my tackle packed and ready, and would run out of the school gates so I could get to the ponds as early as possible – hopefully before anyone else from school, so I could have a better choice of peg. From mid-June until the end of the school term, throughout the 1990s, I’d spend as many evenings as possible fishing the Ponds. The way I maximised this was to load up my mountain bike – rucksack of tackle & bait …

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